Hi, I’m Anastacia. My friends and pretty much everyone I’ve ever spoken to (ever) call me Stacey or Stace. But Anastacia looks better on a business card.


I was born, raised and still live near the beach in Southern California where my first job at 12 1/2 years old was the “Sea Shore Inn” (where “Gladstones for Fish” sits now). Still growing, I remember being hungry all the time but I got to eat free clam chowder, bread and salad! Who could beat that? At 17 I also sold ice cream on the beach. For me, working gave me the freedom to eat out at fancy restaurants,  to buy more Chemin de Fer Jeans and more top of the line musical instruments. 


I started writing songs when I was in the 4th grade, did every talent show possible thereafter and even played at McCabes in Santa Monica when I was 13. While I was going to college in Santa Barbara at U.C.S.B., I joined a band and eventually one of the members and I were signed to Unicorn Records in Santa Monica, CA (where Black Flag also was signed). Yes, I was on MTV and I had a haircut I thought I invented – but turns out, it was really just a mullet – only I didn’t realize it at the time. 



The band broke up, but I continued to write, sing and work. I went to work for The Cheesecake Factory restaurants where what was supposed to be a temporary job to pay for my new keyboard turned into a longterm management career with an amazing company. A few more companies, a few more corporate titles and a few children who are growing up way too fast followed. 



I originally started putting these recipes together for my kids so that they could start to learn how to cook. Having worked in the food industry many years and being exposed to so many great recipes and techniques from many restaurant concepts,  I chose the easiest recipes  from my “recipe box”  and then, I decided to research easy , traditional recipes from all over the world. I finally got this website up (July 21st, 2014) and am now uploading the recipes after work or on the weekends. I don’t have time like some food bloggers to set up lengthy photo shoots in my house just to make the food look more appealing. But I can guarantee you, all these recipes are tested, easy and delicious. Frankly, if someone has to show you every single step of a recipe, how easy can it be?



I don’t like complicated relationships or complicated recipes that keep me in the kitchen when I want to be with my family and friends. Like many people out there who work full time, I also aspire to be a great mother, wife and entertainer – all at the same time. It’s not always easy but there are ways to make it manageable and enjoyable. In addition to my current , awesome full – time job working for a direct response and Infomercial icon, I also write, sing in a band, am a voiceover artist, and ultimately I like to start and finish any creative idea I have which are often too many to complete. But, life is too short not to do it all – one task, project and recipe at a time.


Thanks so much for visiting my website, becoming my friend and I hope some of these recipes, tips and techniques will make your lives a little easier too!